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Reduces appearance of fine lines and winkles. Can be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Eases the effects of migraines.

  Treatment results can be seen within 2 days to 2 weeks and last up to 4 months for most people.


Injectable fillers are used to enhance lips, fill wrinkles and add  youthful volume to cheeks, nasolabial folds and other facial areas. 

Temporary swelling and bruising can occur after the procedures and usually resolve within 2 to 7 days .


Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold applications to freeze and remove unwanted skin growths such as small tags, warts, seborrheic keratosis, brown spots and other benign lesions. Two to 3 sessions may be needed to completely remove some growths.


A non surgical treatment that dissolves excess sub mental fat under the chin and reduce the appearance of a double chin. 

Multiple sessions are required based on the size of the area.

Downtime is about 3 to 7 days with possible redness, swelling and discomfort.


Performed to reduce fine lines, reduce appearance of pore size, acne scars, improve textural changes due to acne, sun damage and aging skin. Can be used on the  body to improve the appearance of stretch marks. 

Several sessions are needed for optimal results.


Delivers fluid, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream for maximum cellular absorption.

Treats dehydration, headache/fatigue, muscle weakness/recovery, hangovers.

Can aid in collagen and elastin support for youthful skin.


BASIC / DEHYDRATION : Treats dehydration by replenishing fluids and electrolytes

Ingredients: Normal Saline.

MYER'S COCKTAIL : The Mother-load - designed to reduce seasonal allergies, fatigue, inflammation, and more

Ingredients: magnesium, b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

HIGH-DOSE MYER'S COCKTAIL : Alleviates stress, improves immunity, reduces pain and frequency of migraines, replenishes, and rehydrates.

Ingredients: magnesium, b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

R&R- RECOVER AND RESTORE : Replenishes essential nutrients and reduces inflammation, fights dehydration, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), magnesium

POWERHOUSE : Super immune booster - strengthens immune system to promote overall wellness

Ingredients: b-complex, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), zinc

SHAPE UP : Helps maintain weight loss, improves energy levels, boosts metabolism, supports liver health

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), l-carnitine

RISE & SHINE : Rebuilds energy, flushes out toxins, speeds up recovery, reduces nausea, and headaches

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

THE CURE : Your hangover cure - reduces migraines, headaches and hangover symptoms

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins

THE FIGHTER : Your immune booster - improves immune system for maximum wellness

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), zinc

THE STUNNER : Beauty - reduces the appearance of wrinkles, redness from acne and quenches tired skin. Accentuates natural radiance.

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), Biotin

5 STAR : All inclusive - boosts performance, fights depression, improves PMS symptoms, prevents migraines

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), biotin, magnesium

BELLY UP : Anti-nausea - reduces feelings of nausea and prevents vomiting.

Ingredients: b-complex vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)


LIPOSTAT - aides in weight loss and improves energy level

B12 - increases energy levels, improves sleep patterns, boosts mood

ZOFRAN - manages nausea and vomiting

GLUTATHIONE - the mother of all anti-oxidants, rids body of toxins, improves skin appearance, increases hydration

PEPCID - decreases the amount of acid, relieves stomach pain and heartburn

TORADOL - helps to relieve severe pain